The Challenge

Paperwork. It doesn’t matter if you represent the seller or the buyer, real estate agencies operate in a very paper intensive document driven business. Often, these documents contain sensitive customer information including signed applications, affidavits, assignment of liens, purchase or sales agreements, disclosure forms and financials. Everything needs to be managed in a secure and organized system of files so that they can quickly be retrieved in the future, and paperwork isn’t much help in achieving those goals.

Paperwork is not very conducive to the average small to medium-sized agency’s ability to get everyday work done. It takes up time, space, is hardly sustainable and increases costs, not only for the paper itself, but for secure storage.

The High Country Copier Solution

Converting all that paperwork to digital format may sound challenging; it isn’t. Once documents are digital, they are searchable and easily retrievable from a secure document management system, either by agents in the office or in the field. You’ll create a green office, empower your mobile workforce and a present a technology savvy agency to your customers.

With a digital document solution, your agency can reduce costs associated with filing, searching and retrieving documents while virtually eliminating the chance of lost or missing documents.