The Landmark Case of High Country
Copiers v. Legal Printing Needs!

The Challenge

Law firms need to operate efficiently and securely to best serve their clients. Inefficient workflows coupled with reduced staffing have attorneys wasting valuable time searching for documents when they should be focused on high-value billable hours. Time is also a factor when learning new systems or software for managing documents and storing historical documents takes up valuable space costing firms significant amounts of money.

The High Country Copiers Solution

Digital documents can alleviate physical storage space. Instead of having multiple binders or filing cabinets that increase clutter in the office, a single click can retrieve critical documents from a secure cloud location either in the office or in a court of law. ConnectKey secure print allows documents to be printed only when the correct code is entered into the copier or printer. If one or more physical documents is needed, it can quickly be retrieved from the document management system and printed at the device on returning to the office.