Xerox offers Special Pricing with Discounts that
Benefit All Religious Affiliated Organizations

Copier and Printer Solutions for Churches

All Places of
Religious Worship

Copier and Printer Solutions for Churches

All Religious
Affiliated Schools

Copier and Printer Solutions for Churches

All Religious
Affiliated Caregivers

Copier and Printer Solutions for Churches

All Religious Affiliated
Social Locations

The Challenge

For members of your church, the quality of bulletins, announcements, newsletters, flyers, event posters and other documents are a direct reflection of their church. We understand how much there is to manage in a place of worship, everything from fundraisers to retaining members, and volunteers can only do so much. Being able to print in-house is seemingly out of reach because there are always budget concerns.

The High Country Copiers Solution

Consolidation of several smaller and sometimes older printers and copiers into one central device that can copy, print, fax and scan can save a lot of money and help manage documents, freeing up your workflow. With finishing options like booklet creation, paper folding and stapling, high quality, color materials can be produced in-house. Standard ConnectKey options include printing from cloud drives like Dropbox and Google Drive means volunteers don’t even have to be on-site to contribute to their church. By modernizing your printer fleet into a single and more efficient device, you’ll save money, improve the quality of materials and improve how things get done.

High Country Copiers can even manage supplies so you never have to worry about running out of toner the day before a bulletin needs to be produced. With our managed print services, you can focus on your members, not on your copier.

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The Xerox purchasing program for religious organizations offers our lowest rates possible; are you printing .05 color?

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