Black and White Copiers

It is always a nice to have a color copier at the office, so why would anyone want to limit themselves to just a black and white copier? The big reason: cost. “Cost Per Copy” (CPC) is a term every purchasing manager should be considering when looking for an office copier solution. Cost per copy is the cost, in fractions of a penny that on average equal the unseen cost of ownership when a document is printed or copied. Color copiers have about ten times higher CPC than a comparable black and white copier.

Consider what your office prints on a daily basis. If you find that the majority is invoices, emails, Word or Excel documents then you might consider a black and white copier for your office. The team at High Country Copiers can help find which copier fits your budget and offer additional functionality like folding, stapling and high speeds depending on your needs, contact us today!